Imitation is the best form of flattery…who are you imitating?

Okay….so last night I attended a play, and before the play a comedian by the name of ” Black Prince” opened up. If any of you are familiar with comedians, then you know impersonations are very common, and quite comical, might I add. He introduced each character by saying “what if God called _______ to be a preacher,” and he proceeded to create the character based on famous household names. He impersonated Prince, Michael Jackson, Jesse Jackson, Barack Obama, and Bill Cosby. He did a GREAT  job. For those of you who don’t know me, I love to laugh. So needless to say, I was dying laughing. I mean thigh slapping, head back,hitting the person next to you kind of laughing. I mean use your imagination. Can you imagine the mannerisms and characteristics of each of the personalities? Michael Jackson and Prince with those distinguished soft baby voices and distinguished dance moves. Barack with his suave, calm, cool, and collected mannerisms, and Bill Cosby with that head moving back and forth talking about jello pudding pops….blahhhahahah! Anyway we all could have guessed who he was imitating  without him ever having to mention the name. However, I wonder if the people he was imitating, would recognize themselves based on how he represented them??

So where exactly am I going with this? Well as I was laying in bed this morning, I got to thinking. I thought about Jesus and how he might feel about the people who go about “impersonating” him. We are call Christians! Would Jesus be proud or a little disturbed by the way we  repesent him? Would Jesus recognize hisself in us and the way we live our  lives? Do we strive everyday to represent Jesus to the best of our ability?

 We should reach for this goal everyday; to strive to be more and more like Jesus.We should impersonate Jesus in such a way that others recognize who and what we are without us ever having to say a word. Just like the audience was watching this comedian onstage, the world is watching us!

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Who am I?


Glad you asked. I was every woman at one point in time, navigating through life aimlessly, shooting darts and never hitting the target. Searching for the reason behind my existence. Trying to comprehend the gruesome suffering and injustice we experience daily. I’ve learned that we, human beings, are all intertwined, linked in our human experiences. Yet some still feel the way Kane felt about Abel «Am I my brothers keeper» YES, you are!!! In so many ways! I’ve always been an extremely empathetic and sympathetic person which has shaped the dynamics of my existence and shaken me to my core. Witnessing numerous deaths and suffering of others brought me to my knees literally, crying out for help. Taking on their suffering and losing myself in the process. Aahh…. process, that moment started my process and ended my life as I once knew.

Let me explain. My last year of pharmacy school consisted of rotating from different pharmacy sites, shadowing pharmacists in different aspects of the field . My first rotation was in the oncology/hematology department at oscher hospital.

This year began as any other year, with the exception of EXTREME excitement anticipating graduating. Little did I know, this experience would change my life FOREVER!! Keeping a long story short, I literally lived my patients illness right along with them, literally. We all know what cancer patients endure while fighting for their lives, however seeing them suffer day after day, stuggling to survive, clasping fear in one hand and faith in the other …… grieved my heart anquishly. I became depressed, I couldn’t hold any food down, and I struggled to hold on to the value of life. I went through this for a period of 6 or more months. Right at that moment the lightbulb went off in my head and I had,what Oprah calls, an aha moment.

All of my childhood memories came flooding back, and I suddenly realized this special gift that I have had all along; the gift of empathizing, with extreme compassion, and a dire thirst to help make life easier for any one that came in my path needing hope. It all started to make sense. I was put here to make a difference based on what God had placed inside of me. From that day forward I made a conscience decision to live my life as Christ lived his, and that is with purpose, passion, and prayer.

Life didn’t make sense to me as a little girl. I struggled daily with the question “why do we live only to die?” It haunted me. I forgot about the torment I lived with as a child UNTIL I was brought face to face with these patients as they struggled to stay alive. Coincidence…No…….hapenstance…….No………..destiny…YES. After losing my life as I put myself into the shoes of the patient, after losing my passion for life, after questioning why do we live, only to die, I found my purpose in life.

This brings me back to my introduction. «Who am I?» I am passionate, compassionate, royal, talented, awkward, goofy, full of life, animated, loving, honest, forgiving, Christlike, I am woman. I am Fearful at times yet fearless at others. I have made it my lifes mission to encourage, uplift, and inspire others. To give myself, time, and money to impact someone else’s life. I don’t have to broadcast and showcase some of the things I’ve done. It does my heart proud to lay down knowing that I put a smile on someone’s face. I have sooo many great things that I am working on…..stay tuned. The purpose of this blog site is to make you laugh, cry, and think. What are you doing for others? What are you doing with God’s time? What will others say about you when you leave this earth? Hopefully not just “they sure could dress, they had the biggest and nicest car/ house. But, hopefully someone will say they made this world a better place one person at a time and the world is a better place because they lived. If you wake up every morning with only “you” on your mind, I pray that you re-evaluate your reason for being alive.
What I know for sure is that I am no longer every woman. I am unique, intentional, and dangerous. A woman who knows her purpose is a dangerous force to be reckon. I dare you to learn that you are not like anyone else in this WORLD and repeat this statement with me…………….I am not every woman, I am ME!!!!!

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Sing child sing

In a world full of traffic, deadlines, meetings, bills, and busyness, its sometime seem a bit overwhelming to balance it all. Sometimes it’s easy to forget the purpose of life, and why we were created. It is at times like this that I make sure that I take the time to sit and meditate on the little things in life that are often taken for granted. My life has taken a few turns, and I must admit, time to myself is scarce. If  I’m not working on my full-time job, I’m working in front of the camera. As things start to pick up, I find myself embracing the simple , quiet moments.

 Today was no exception. I started off by reading and meditating, however I kept hearing a little girl outside my window. I got up and looked out of the window, but i didn’t see anyone. I then looked across the street and saw our neighbors’ daughter standing with her window open. She had what appeared to be a brush and she was singing at the top of her lungs, while doing ballerina turns . She touched my heart in such a way that she brought tears to my eyes. She took me back to my childhood, reminding me of the times I would sing with my hair brush, and interview my dolls…..You see this young girl represents all women.  We should always embrace the “child” in us. Never let life pass you by and you don’t take the time to sing and dance. Sing at the top of your lungs, jump, laugh, and by all means grab your hairbrush and escape into  the unknown world of make believe. There you can experience unlimited possibilities, that only happen as you allow yourself to dream and transform into a little girl. Can’t you imagine God cheering you on, saying “sing child sing.” Don’t let life take the song out of your heart. When life gets busy and the going gets tough, don’t forget to SING!

Never forget that life isn’t about the number of breaths you take, but the moments that take your breath away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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